Salt and brine taking toll on vehicles this winter

Salt and brine taking toll on vehicles this winter

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – It’s been a wild winter, so far. Roads were constantly treated throughout the Valley to keep them safe, but all that salt and brine isn’t good for vehicles.

Mark Walters and Paul Asano with Uptown Auto Service said the salt and brine eat away at the paint and metal and can also cause mechanical trouble.

“We’ve seen a lot of broken fuel lines, ruptured broken lines as well as cracks in rims and overall just pretty much rotting of the underneath of the vehicle,” Asano said.

There are a few ways to help treat your car during the winter and to protect it from brine, especially the sensitive electrical equipment.

“We offer an under-car treatment, which you spray an oil and kerosene mix. It is a service they recommend once a year,” Asano said.

Periodic washes throughout the winter season will also help keep corrosion in check.

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