Austintown tenants without hot water since Sunday

Residents of the Deer Creek apartments on Kirk Road in Austintown have no hot water

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Martin Freeman of Austintown can describe the past four days with one word.

“Misery. Literally, how miserable I am going to be not being able to shower and bathe,” Freeman said.

He is one of more than a dozen residents of the Deer Creek Apartments on Kirk Road that has been without hot water since Sunday.

Freeman got a call from his wife on Sunday while he was at church, saying the hot water was out. He never dreamed it would take this long to get it fixed.

“You want to be clean. You want to be able to wash your dishes. You want to be able to wash your clothes. You want to be able to shower and bathe. You want to be able to have the niceties that you pay for,” he said.

Jackie Turner is here from Florida, visiting her daughter.

“I have not had a shower since I have been here,” Turner said.

She is frustrated with the lack of communication. She said signs about the problem didn’t go up until Wednesday, and no letters or calls have been placed to tenants.

“They need to read their book on emergency situations. And a hot water tank is an emergency,” Turner said.

Our news crew called the 24-hour emergency maintenance number. The man who answered did not give his name, but said there was a problem with getting parts.

They are expected to get the parts on Thursday, which means at least five days without water for the Deer Creek residents.

“It has been really inconvenient, but they want their rent on time,” Turner said.

Freeman said he would like an apology.

“Show some decency to us in at least letting us know you are concerned about it,” he said.

Our news crew also tried the corporate office number, but they did not get an answer. They asked for an after-hours number on the maintenance line and was told there wasn’t one.

Our crew will check back tomorrow with the company and the tenants to find out if the water has been fixed. For now, the residents said they will be boiling water to try to get by.

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