Boardman pothole blows out 12 tires

A pothole on McClurg Road in Boardman caused 12 flat tires

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – A pothole on McClurg Road in Boardman blew 12 tires out on seven cars within a three-hour period on Wednesday night.

Car after car went left of center to miss the pothole in front of the bus garage. Our WYTV 33 News crew put a camera inside it and it was so deep, it was hard to see out of it.

“I saw how hard I hit. I thought ‘I had to ruin my rims.’ But I didn’t,” said Steve Kubala of Poland.

His pickup truck was one of seven vehicles that hit the McClurg Road pothole between 7 and 10 p.m. on Wednesday. He was on his way to help his granddaughter, who was the first of the seven to hit the hole.

“The pothole was black. I couldn’t see it at all,” Gina Kubala said. “You could tell right away. My tire just went completely flat.”

Her grandfather has a portable compressor, so he was summoned to help. And he hit the same hole.

“And I know there is a pothole somewhere but I can’t see it. I hit it so hard that I blew both tires out of my truck, the truck almost went off the ground, almost went left of center. I couldn’t believe how bad it threw my truck. Crazy,” Steve Kubala said.

Before they left the scene, five other cars would hit the hole and end up with flat tires as well.

“Another girl pulled right in in a white car. She pulls right in and I am thinking she was going to come and pull in because I had the hazards on to come help me. And she pulls in and she gets out and she is yelling and screaming ‘I got two flat tires,'” Gina Kubala said.

Both the Kubalas and 33 News called the Mahoning County Engineer to tell them about the pothole, and sometime between noon and Thursday evening, it was filled in.

Steve Kubala said he is paying for all three tires, his two and his granddaughter’s. He thinks it will cost him about $1,000.

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