Budget talks continue in Youngstown

Budget talks continue in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Youngstown city officials have less than a month to submit a budget for the 2015 fiscal year.

Budget discussions continued Monday night, with council members surrounded by stacks of papers.

“What you think about is what people in your city want and need,” 1st Ward Councilwoman Annie Gilliam said.

Some of the things buildings and grounds commissioner Sean McKinney would like are a new plow truck, repairs to a major sweeper and brush hogs to cut vacant lots in the summer.

For the past four weeks, city department heads have been giving city council members recommendations on what they need and want for fiscal year 2015, which starts halfway through the calendar year.

“You don’t get everything you want, but you hopefully get some of the things you need,” McKinney said.

Gillam said they are waiting to see exactly how much they will get in the next fiscal budget. But she said there has been a downward trend that could lead to people losing their jobs.

But it not 2015 that is worrying council members. It is the 2016 fiscal year because they are expecting huge budget blows that year.

“You have to be mindful of the dollars we have to work with,” Ray said.

The finance director is expected to have a draft budget for city council as soon as next week. The deadline for a decision is March 31.

Even after a budget is approved, city council can move money anytime throughout the year as long as it is agreed upon.

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