Goose shot with arrow in Cortland

Goose shot with arrow

CORTLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – A woman in Cortland made a disturbing discovery in her backyard over the weekend and posted the story to social media to get some help.

The woman said there was a Canada goose that had been shot with an arrow.

“We got a phone call from a very nice lady who said that she had a Canada goose in her pond in front of her house, and it had an arrow through it,” said Heather Merritt of Birds in Flight Sanctuary in Howland.

The arrow completely passed through the bird. X-rays show where the animal, nicknamed Gooseberry, was struck in the kneecap. Merritt said this is not the way to handle nuisance geese.

“The Division of Wildlife has a list on their website of things you can do to deter them from coming to your pond that you just put in. But shooting them is not one of the options,” Merritt said.

Some of the options include lasers and trained dogs.Shooting geese out-of-season is illegal and someone could be fined if they are caught.

“When you are shooting, or harvesting, any wild animal out of season, it is considered poaching. Again, those dates are set for the animal’s biological needs,” Susie Vance from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources said.

The bird is expected to make a full recovery. Birds in Flight Sanctuary is currently caring for 170 birds, mammals and other creatures. It is funded entirely by private donations.

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