STEM careers was topic at Youngstown school

Women in STEM lecture at Lewis School in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Local women professionals in science, technology, engineering and math careers, or STEM for short, explained to young female students what their job is on Monday.

The Women in STEM panel was at the Lewis School for Gifted Learning Potential in downtown Youngstown. Students from Youngstown Christian School also took part. 

One of the speakers was a pathologist who spends a lot of time behind a microscope diagnosing cancer. She wants students to know there are a lot of career options out there.

“My family just really poured into me and told me all the time I could do whatever I want to do and I would just encourage them in that. I am the first person in my family who went to college and you can do anything. You don’t need to come from a family that is already in a profession,” Dr. Jean Blair of Pathology Consultants said.

“Just apply yourself in school, meet people in the community. Shadow them in their jobs and see what it is like and just work hard and leave your options open for you,” Blair said.

A fifth-grade student said she likes when the school has speakers come in because she likes learning about different jobs.

“I really like having people come and tell us stuff and letting us know how they do their job. It is very interesting,” 5th-grader Gabrielle Johnson said.

Students also got to hear from a woman who works with Inventor Cloud 3-D printing at the Youngstown Business Incubator.

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