Police to students: Stay safe during prom season

Fake crash prom season, Columbiana County

LISBON, Ohio (WYTV) – Last year, 20 people were killed in accidents in Columbiana County.

Just six months ago, three young people were killed in an accident in West Township.

A mock crash on Tuesday at the Columbiana County Fairgrounds was aimed at reducing those deaths and targeted teenagers heading to prom and graduation parties.

The county-wide mock crash program is now in its sixth year. It is meant to show high school juniors and seniors what happens at the scene of a fatal accident.

In Tuesday’s scenario, four people were killed in a three-car crash caused by a drunk driver. Students watched as victims were cut from the wreckage and carted away.

Police said teens are especially likely to get into trouble on the roads.

“This age group is the group most at risk to be in a fatal crash. When you add those bad driving behaviors into the equation, the opportunity that they are going to be in a bad crash just skyrockets,” said Lt. Joe Dragovich from the Lisbon Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Nearly 1,000 students from across the county attended the program.

“We touched on a lot of dangerous, risky driving behaviors, but we were also able to give them the big visual with the mock crash so they can actually see the chaos and the aftermath and the consequences,” Dragovich said. “The same message, speed kills, seat belts save lives and then you get into what I call the three D’s of driving: drunk driving, drugged driving and distracted driving.”

Police, fire and ambulance crews from around the county helped out with the event.

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