Jamestown company supplying Baltimore police with non-lethal weapons

Helicopter picks up supplies for Baltimore in Jamestown, Pa.

JAMESTOWN, Pa. (WYTV) – As unrest continues in Baltimore, one local company is helping out by supplying non-lethal supplies for police.

Combined Systems in Jamestown, Pa. makes things like bean bags for police to use when violent situations happen. Anne Arundel County police sent its helicopter to Jamestown to pick up the supplies to take it back for officers in Baltimore.

“It is surreal, but basically it just got out of control there and they called in all of the surrounding jurisdictions to give them a hand. Our civil defense unit and SWAT team went in and now they need more supplies,” Corp. Jeff Reger of the Anne Arundel County Police Department said.

Combined Systems supplies more than 1,500 law enforcement agencies across the country, but this is one of only a handful of times they have had a helicopter land on the property to pick up supplies.

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