Poland students discuss Baltimore violence

Poland students

POLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – At Poland High School, and many classrooms across the nation, students are talking about what is happening in Baltimore, Maryland. The riots and and violence have played out on television screens, cell phones and social media for the last 24 hours.

Students at Poland Seminary High School talked about what’s going on in Baltimore in some of their classes Tuesday.

Some students say they’re trying to understand exactly what’s going on and why. One student said she thinks it is a good thing teenagers are having the discussions with all the images coming out of Baltimore.

Junior Austin Klingsmith grew up in Maryland and is familiar with Baltimore.

“Hits close to home,” said Klingsmith. “It is a little crazy to see on T.V. I remember being there and seeing that when I was walking around.”

For Klingsmith the situation is confusing, and he doesn’t know right now where he stands on the issue.

“I don’t know whose side I am on yet because this is not the first time cops and civilians have been going at it,” Klingsmith said.

Junior Mariah Mrofchak said the open communication about what is going in Baltimore and other parts of the country are important for young people to understand so they can work to change it.

“We are going to see these things throughout the future and to get people like high schoolers in my class and everyone knowing what is going on and talking bout it helps to maybe solve these problems that are going to come up again,” Mrofchak said.

Some students say they need to learn more about what happened before forming an opinion.

“These cell phone videos and recordings are coming out that shows every point of view. It is really changing how people are getting their opinions,” Mrofchak said.

One thing a lot of students agree on is that setting cars on fire and damaging buildings isn’t the right way to make a point.

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