Champion paramedic makes special delivery

Champion paramedic delivers baby in ambulance

CHAMPION, Ohio (WYTV) – Nearly 4 million babies are born every year in the United States, and of those 4 million births, less than a couple thousand are born in places they were not expected.

Champion Township Paramedic Ray Pace was one of two paramedics who delivered a baby girl just after 8 a.m. Wednesday morning on the way to the hospital. He said it was his first time delivering a baby.

“It was my first call right out of the gate in the morning,” Pace said.

A call came from dispatch for help, asking for a paramedic. Pace was sent to neighboring Warren Township to help paramedics take a pregnant woman in labor to the hospital.

“In the house, we could pretty much tell that we thought she was going to deliver on the way to the hospital,” Pace said.

They were right. About halfway to the hospital, mom delivered a healthy baby girl.

“Yes, it was my first baby I delivered,” Pace said.

Champion Fire Capt. Tom Dempsey and another firefighter were at the fire station in Champion when it happened.

“We were doing truck checks, with the other guy that was working today. I said ‘what did they say?’ And he was like ‘I think they said there was a live birth’,” Dempsey said.

It is not unheard of, but it is very uncommon to have a situation like this.

According to the CDC’s website, a very small number of babies are born outside of the hospital, home or in a birthing center. Of the nearly 4 million babies born in 2013, just under 3,000 were in an unexpected situation like this.

“I didn’t really think he was going to deliver a baby today,” Dempsey said.

Mom and baby are doing well.

“She was very excited to hear her baby cry and it was very exciting. It was something different, something we don’t do every day,” Pace said.

Even though Pace and another paramedic helped deliver the baby, they said the mom is the one who should be getting the praise.

“All of the credit will go to the mom for the work. She did all of the work. We just assisted her along the way,” Pace said.

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