Trumbull Co. not happy with Kinsman sewer contractors

Kinsman sewer

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Trumbull County Commissioners revealed Wednesday that they are not happy with the contractor hired for the Kinsman and Little Squaw Creek Sanitary Sewer projects.

According to the sanitary engineer, the county has serious concerns regarding the sufficiency of work performed by Marucci & Gaffney on the Kinsman Sewer project. Specifically, they allege that it appears the contractor manipulated sewer video, trying to show that installed work was in conformance with the requirements of the contract, when it was not.

“I have never had an issue with a video and not only their quality and what they showed, but being out of order. It was very strange, so MS [Consultants] raised a red flag. We looked at it and we have some very severe problems with it,” Assistant Trumbull County Prosecutor Jim Brutz said.

Marucci and Gaffney bid over $5.8 million for the project last year. But because of those problems, it has cost the county nearly $1 million more than expected.

In January, Marucci & Gaffney filed a claim seeking an additional $447,000 from the county because of project delays.

A letter sent to the contractor’s attorney outlines 14 problems that need corrected with the Little Squaw Creek sanitary sewer project. That damage includes drainage issues and repairs needed for sidewalks and roads. They also want the company to pay for costs associated with several gas leaks.

Commissioners want corrective measures taken to address those issues.

Commissioners approved and hired a Cleveland attorney to help deal with the issues and are considering turning over matters concerning the Kinsman project to the prosecutor.

Since work began on the Kinsman Sewer project, Trumbull County Commissioners have approved five change orders associated with it. On Wednesday, they reluctantly approved a sixth change order.

Those changes have included contaminated soil and storm sewer issues that were not pictured on the initial engineering drawings.

The owner of Brothers Pizza said he plans to file a lawsuit against Marucci & Gaffney for $60,000 worth of damage done to his business after his basement was flooded. He said despite admitting fault, the contractor has yet to pay up.

We reached out to Marucci & Gaffney for comment on the allegations, but they did not return our call.

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