First responders honored in West Middlesex

First responders honored in west middlesex

WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa. (WYTV) – Local law enforcement, including police officers, firefighters and EMTs, were honored in Mercer County Thursday evening.

The annual event sponsored by the Masons is to recognize those who sacrifice so much for the community.

“This is for those who are out there putting their life on the line. They are our first line of response in the community. I believe not only the community, but free masonry needs to recognize this and support them,” Mason Grandmaster Robert Bateman said.

He traveled from Philadelphia to showcase the first responders.

“The mileage does not matter. I would travel anywhere for first responders, for the police, and I think it is very, very important,” Bateman said.

Mercer County Sheriff Gary Hartman said the event is a welcome one every year.

“It is nice to have our first responders come together. The Masonic Lodge here in West Middlesex has really pushed the event hard. It gives law enforcement nice recognition,” Hartman said.

He said Pennsylvania has shown tremendous backing for the first responders.

“The Commonwealth is a great state. I think we have a receptive and supportive Republic, both on the fire, police and EMS side,” Hartman said.

Bateman hopes the event could be expanded around the country.

“What I would like to see is this be noted not only through the community, but the country in general. Need to get behind the police officers to support them,” Bateman said.

Before the awards, those honored were treated to a dinner inside the Kedron Lodge.

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