Boardman PD finds sickly dog during home investigation

Boardman, Ohio police find neglected dog

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Boardman police were investigating a house Friday morning, when they came across a dog which looked to be in terrible shape, according to Animal Charity Representative Stefanie Boggs.

Boggs said the dog was curled up on the couch and would not move from its position. Boggs said the dog was in pretty bad shape.

“She had about a little tuft of hair on her back. Her eyes were pus-filled, her ears were pus-filled. She had no fur. She looked like a skinned rat basically,” Boggs said.

The dog is now being taken care of by Animal Charity.

“We will investigate just the pure neglect or abuse of the animal. We collected our evidence at the scene. We will determine where we need to go from here,” Animal Charity humane agent Marc Noday said.

He said getting the dog out took patience.

“We didn’t want to use any pulls or snares or anything. Just because of how severely injured the animal was. So, I kind of had to bear hug it to get it out,” Noday said.

Humane agents said the dog is in such bad shape, its breed is hard to determine.

“I think it might be a brindle, from the little but of fur that was left on it, but that is how much of the hair is gone. It is completely bald,” Boggs said.

The dog was brought into Animal Charity two years ago, but was never brought back for more treatment. The animal will continue to go through testing because of her condition.

“We did sedate her to make her more comfortable. She is being treated for the skin. We are doing skin scrapings now just to figure out exactly what it is. We think it is skin allergies,” Boggs said.

It is unknown why police responded to the house.

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