Cancer is costly disease

cost of cancer

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Cancer is a a costly disease with blood work, radiation and chemotherapy.

It is one of the reasons there is a cancer fundraiser just about every week in the Valley. An Austintown mother is learning about cancer costs first-hand.

“This one is Rainbow,” Emily Orlaski said.

The 4th-grader at Austintown Intermediate School loves animals. She has two guinea pigs, dogs, a fish and a bird.

“She is sassy. She is very sassy,” Karen Orlaski said of her daughter.

Emily is spunky, which is something that has not changed even after a rough eight months. Last fall, she started feeling sick and found out she has kidney cancer.

“The tumor itself was about the size of a brick and it erupted, so that is what caused the fever and the pain,” Orlaski said.

Emily has gone through radiation, chemo and surgery.

“They did remove her left kidney and lymph nodes around there. She did have some spots in her lungs,” Orlaski said.

Emily ‘s treatment is mostly in Cleveland, and in the beginning, it was five days of continuous chemo. Fighting cancer is an emotional, physical and spiritual battle and it comes with a big price tag. Insurance only covers so much.

“It is not just medical because you know, I am taking time off from work to take her to these appointments, these five-day stays, gas. Her tastes have changed so she only wants to eat certain things,” Orlaski said.

The Austintown School District raised $11,000 with a strike out cancer fundraiser for Emily at Eastwood Field. Classmates, a teacher and the superintendent all shaved their heads and Emily got to throw out the first pitch at the Scrappers game.

It is very heartwarming and just very overwhelming. It is very touching,” Orlaski said.

Emily had her last scheduled chemo and gets new scans this month. The family hopes for a good report so Emily can get back to being a kid

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