Newton Falls police officer to lose job after complaints

Newton Falls, Ohio police officer to lose jpb

NEWTON FALLS, Ohio (WYTV) – A Newton Falls policeman is going to lose his job after accusations of inappropriate behavior, Newton Falls City Manager Jack Haney said Friday.

One Newton Falls woman said Friday that part-time officer Jason Mazzaro harassed her relative and nothing was done to stop it.

“Protect and serve is supposed to be the motto of the police, not to stalk and prey on women,” the woman said.

The woman also said she didn’t file a report for personal reasons.

“I can say that it’s a personnel matter and at this time I’m not going to comment on it,” Newton Falls Police Chief Fixler said.

Fixler wouldn’t comment, but through a public records request, WKBN obtained Mazzaro’s personnel file.

A woman had complained that Mazzaro had stopped her several times, asking her to model for his side-business, a body-building website, dropping by her place of employment on several occasions to speak with her, and asking to keep that website a secret, according to the report.

“It’s probably not, let’s say it’s not the most appropriate thing for an officer to be talking about to the citizens,” Haney said.

WKBN stopped Mazzaro for an interview on his way to work Friday. He declined comment, saying he’d need to check with his boss first.

Haney confirmed that after this weekend, they will be letting Officer Mazzaro go from the police force.

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