Girard road rage incident caught on camera

Men fighting in Girard caught on camera

GIRARD, Ohio (WYTV) – Police in Girard are investigating a case of apparent road rage Monday on Churchill Road that escalated into a fist fight.

Our news crew was in the area shooting video for another story and caught the incident on camera. Police asked for our video to help identify the parties involved.

One of the men involved is Bo Suich, who owns the Girard Dairy Queen, and the other is Robert Scott. The video shows the two men get out of their cars on Churchill Road and trade several jabs before throwing each other on the ground.

Scott talked about what led up to the incident outside the police station.

“Three blocks earlier, I accidentally cut him off and he just went road rage. He had a weapon and I was just trying to diffuse it before he pulled the weapon,” Scott said.

Scott said he is pressing charges against Suich, and he wants Suich’s CCW permit taken away. Suich is the one who called police and said he was going to the Girard Fire Department to get checked out, according to a police report.

The report states Suich was northbound on Washington Avenue approaching the intersection of Townsend and as he was going through the intersection, a blue pickup and trailer went through the stop sign on Townsend and almost hit Suich. He turned his vehicle around to confront the pickup driver about running the stop sign and followed the vehicle to Churchill, where both vehicles stopped between Lawrence Avenue and St. Clair Avenue, the report states.

Suich told police he grabbed the other driver, later identified as Scott, first, the report states.

Suich told us by phone that when Scott cut him off, he was not sure if there was any damage to his car, so he followed him.  When he got out of the car, he was not expecting to fight with Scott and only wanted to talk to him about blowing through the stop sign. Suich says he was only defending himself and claims he is a responsible gun owner and while on him at the time, he had no intention of using it at all.  Police said it’s likely that Suich will be the one facing charges in this case.

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