Special care nursery opening at St. Joe’s in Warren

Special care nursery opening at St. Joe's in Warren

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Trumbull County families soon will have care closer to home when Akron Children’s Hospital opens a new special care nursery on Thursday inside St. Joseph Health Center in Warren.

The six-bed unit is designated a Level 2, which increases its ability to care for sick and premature babies. Dr. Elena Rossi, associate chair of pediatrics for Akron Children’s Hospital, said it was about keeping families close together.

“It’s not one big open ward or open unit. It is really family-centered. It will be private, yet the nurses can take care of the families and keep their eyes on everything,” Rossi said.

Specially trained doctors and nurses will care for babies born up to eight weeks premature and weighing at least 3 pounds.

“It is going to allow the moms who deliver babies 32 weeks and above to be able to stay here. Their babies can be cared for here right in Trumbull County,” Kathy Cook, president of St. Joseph Hospital, said.

Previously, the mother and child had to be transferred to Boardman for treatment, which is a hike for some Trumbull County families.

“If there is a Trumbull County baby that goes to the neonatal unit in Boardman, they will be able to come back here for their last couple weeks of care. That will be helpful for the families as well,” Cook said.

Rossi said keeping families connected was crucial when designing the new space, which took some time.

“We really believe strongly that keeping the family together really makes a difference in bringing this care closer to home. It has been a long process, for many years actually,” Rossi said.

Cook said working on this project with Akron Children’s Hospital will help give more care to Trumbull County residents.

“Akron is a great partner. They are wonderful to work with. They truly bring a higher level of care for the children in Trumbull County. So, we are so excited for the patients in Trumbull County,” Cook said.

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