Public reaction mixed to Girard road rage fight

Public reaction mixed to Girard road rage fight

GIRARD, Ohio (WYTV) – No charges have yet been filed in a Girard street fight on Monday that police said stemmed from a case of road rage.

Our news crew captured the incident on camera. The video shows Girard Dairy Queen owner Bo Suich and driver Robert Scott getting out of their vehicles on state Route 304, throwing punches at each other, then getting back in their cars and taking off in different directions.

A day after it happened, people are still talking about the incident on Churchill Road.

“Yeah, I was a little shocked to see that,” resident Dennis Kale said.

“Didn’t really surprise me at all. People drive like maniacs, even on 422. The speed limit is 25. People go 40-50 all the time,” Anthony Clinkscale said.

Investigators are continuing to piece together both Suich’s and Scott’s statements. And even though people don’t see something like this every day, aggressive driving isn’t new.

“Yeah, it is probably a common sense issue, you know. Some people don’t know how to act. Other people really don’t know how to drive though,” Clinkscale said.

Just ask Cain MacGregor, who said he gets mad behind the wheel.

“I got bad road rage, but I have never got out and fought anyone over it though, so it’s a little extreme right there,” MacGregor said.

Brandon Gump sees it at his job too.

“I am a truck driver, so I see it on the road pretty much every day,” he said.

Charges in this case have not been filed yet, but Girard Police Chief Jeff Palmer said they are coming soon.

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