New flag gets raised thanks to a Campbell veteran

Flag pole

CAMPBELL, Ohio (WYTV) — A Navy veteran who was upset over an empty flag pole has taken matters into his own hands.

Tim Kauffman raised the American symbol of freedom Saturday at the Crim’s Corners plaza in Campbell.

As WYTV told you Friday, he did the exact same thing last Memorial Day when he noticed there wasn’t a flag flying.

Kauffman says there’s even a sign next to the pole that reads “Soldiers died so these flags might fly. Let freedom ring.”

When he realized the flag was gone again and learned the owner of the property didn’t plan to replace the flag until after the holiday, he knew he had to do it himself, again.

“When I was 18 i didn’t realize what it meant until I experienced things and seen things first hand. The navy’s motto is honor, courage and commitment. It’s just what it means for your country,” said Kauffman.

Kauffman said Home Depot in Boardman heard about the story on WYTV and offered to donate the flag and rope.

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