Niles man pays tribute to soldiers with dozens of flags

A Niles man pays tribute to soldiers who have given their all to the United States.

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) — A man in Trumbull County is paying tribute to fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. And he is doing it with dozens of American flags.

Pat Cera plants the flags along Fifth Street in Niles, across from his house.

The area used to be overgrown and filled with trash. So Cera started clearing it by hand — at first with a push mower, and then with an old tractor. He says the process took him a whole summer.

Cera first started planting the flags three years ago. He appreciates the kind comments he gets from neighbors and people driving by the display.

“A lady stopped and told me about her daddy. He served under General Patton, and if he were still alive, he’d be up here shaking my hand. So it’s things like that that make this all worthwhile to me,” said Pat Cera, of Niles.

Cera said he used to plant more flags, but people have stolen many of them. He would like to add to his display for future Memorial Days. And he’ll happily accept flag donations to his house on Fifth Street in Niles.

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