Large snake on loose in Youngstown

Large snake on loose in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A woman called Youngstown police on Monday, complaining about a large snake near her house on Division Street.

Licensed nuisance wild animal control operator Dave Nelson was called out to assist in the search for the reptile. The woman who lives in the house would not go on camera, but neighbors in the area think it might be a 6-foot to 8-foot python.

Nelson was unable to find the snake outside, but said when the temperatures rise, snakes become more aggressive.

“People that have these kinds of reptiles and they start to get big when the temperature changes and gets to the 80s, they become more active, they become more hungry and what happens is a lot of people have them in their house and can’t care for them and take them out and release them,” Nelson said.

If it was once a pet that was released, its former owners could face a criminal charge.

“In this case, we want to identify the animal and go from there. She did show us a picture, but until I really see it or see from there, it is a matter of public safety around here to check and see if we could find it,” Nelson said.

His advice to homeowners is to keep the grass low, be aware of the surroundings, and if they see something to call someone so no one gets hurt.

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