YPD: Woman’s disappearance strange

Missing woman Youngstown, Ohio

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Friday, Youngstown Police are asking anyone who’s seen the woman pictured above during the last two weeks to give them a call. They say she’s been missing for two weeks.

“You know, the whole thing just doesn’t make any sense,” Youngstown Police Detective Daryl Martin said. “Her daughter saying that she just went for a walk and hasn’t come back, and she didn’t report her.”

Detectives first learned about 78-year-old Corrine Lawson on Wednesday — when the woman’s 90-year-old uncle went to the house she shares with her daughter and couldn’t find her.

“He spoke to her daughter and her daughter says, ‘Well the last time she saw her was on the 14th of May, and she she took off walking,'” Martin said.

The next day, police obtained a warrant and searched the Lawsons’ home on Katherine, just off McGuffey but didn’t find anything unusual.

“And her car was in the driveway. The car has a, looks like a flat tire in the front and some damage to the tail light and hasn’t been moved,” Martin said.

We’ve learned Corrine’s daughter Sheila has had legal problems. She was convicted of domestic violence in 2012.

Authorities said she assaulted her father. When the case was upheld on appeal, she skipped a sentencing hearing last May and was found guilty of violating probation.

She then spent six weeks in jail and another couple months on house arrest. Prior to her arrest, Sheila Lawson was hired by the city of Youngstown as Municipal Court Administrator but was terminated after less than four months on the job.

While police are not making any connections between Sheila’s past and Corrine’s disappearance, they admit neighbors are concerned as well.

“Her neighbor said that she was good friends with them, that they go to church together, and she had not mentioned anything to anybody about going anywhere,” Martin said.

That lack of information has police concerned about Corrine’s whereabouts now.

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