Howland woman living with Lyme disease

Howland, Ohio woman living with Lyme Disease

HOWLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – Candice Beaumont, a Trumbull County woman, is raising awareness about what some call an invisible disease. Beaumont has been living with lyme disease for two and a half years.

“Sometimes articulating is very hard,” Beaumont said. “I have to like…Right now I have to pay special attention to what I’m saying so that I’m getting my words out properly. Otherwise, it’s just a jumble of words.”

Lyme disease is spread to humans through tick bites, according to the CDC.

Beaumont is not exactly sure how and when a tick latched on to her, but wants people to know that lyme disease can be serious.

Candice stresses tick prevention, especially as people spend more time outdoors this summer.  Be sure to check your body for ticks, and if you go hiking, wear long sleeves and use repellent spray.

Candice has a lot of pain, fatigue memory loss and other neurological problems because of the disease.

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