Worker injured at Vallourec rescued by crane

Worker injured at Vallourec

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – It took some logistics and a lot of teamwork to rescue an injured worker Friday afternoon at Vallourec Star.

A worker got hurt in the melt shop, but sustained his injuries at one of the highest points in the entire plant. He was cleaning off the top of a crane, getting rid of the dust and debris that accumulates from the electric arc furnace, when he fell.

“He was up on catwalk. We got handrails. We got catwalks. He had stepped through an opening and fell 25 to 30 feet and hit a piece of metal on the way down to the landing,” Vallourec maintenance worker Chris Gallagher said.

Vallourec’s emergency medical technicians responded immediately. Gallagher used another crane to lift Youngstown firefighters so they could help the worker, then brought them all back down.

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