Youngstown councilwoman frustrated with tall grass

Grass growing high in Youngstown, Ohio

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A unanimous vote by Youngstown City Council in March approved funding to keep the city’s grass cut.

However, residents say the job is not getting done. The approved money was to cut the grass on vacant lots and on private property if the homeowner does not take care of it, beginning in April.

YNDC Executive Director Ian Beniston said it is only responsible for cutting grass at unmaintained vacant homes in Youngstown, not vacant lots. YNDC said the Youngstown Street Department takes care of vacant lots.

Beniston said a lot of progress has been made and YNDC has cut grass once at 1,500 vacant homes on the south side of the city and is beginning to mow those yards again.

Councilwoman Janet Tarpley said she feels although hundreds of thousands of dollars were put into the program, the job is not getting done.

“I’m embarrassed. You mean to tell me our city officials, our mayor, our department heads, they’re not embarrassed by the way this city looks?” Tarpley asked. “When any of your citizens are suffering, then we are all suffering, because we are not greater than any of the ones that we already have. This is ridiculous.”

YNDC said crews are getting ready to starting cutting grass on the south side of the city for the second time this year. Crews are just finishing up the north side.

Beniston said there are around 3,200 unmaintained vacant houses in the city of Youngstown.

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