CruzeTalk makes its way back to the Valley

LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Chevrolet Cruze enthusiasts from around the country will gather today in Austintown at the Ice House Inn for the 3rd annual CruzeTalk Lordstown Meet.

CruzeTalk is a website dedicated to all things Chevy Cruze. It has subscribing members who talk with each other about the car and put together special events just like this one.

Once everyone arrives in Austintown, the club will go as a group to the GM Lordstown Assembly Plant where they will be able to see what the inside is like, and meet some of the makers of the car.

This year will be a little different from the past two years though, as the facility is gearing up right now for new production. Because of this, the group will not have a full access tour of the plan, but there is a plus to it.  The Lordstown plant will soon be making a new model of CruzeTalk’s members favorite car.

In less than two weeks now Chevy will debut its new 2016 Cruze in Detroit.  The re-designed Cruze will have more rear seat legroom, it will be much lighter and be more fuel efficient than its 2015 model.

The latest Cruze is the fifth new car that Chevy is launching this year.  The car will also be one of the first Chevrolets to have Android Auto and Apple Car-Play.

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