Poland, Canfield residents still recovering from storm damage

Tree in pool in Poland, Ohio

POLAND and CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – The winds from Thursday night’s storm reached more than 60 miles per hour.

The strong gails sent trees all over crashing down, and chainsaws drowned out songbirds Friday, as properties cleaned up after the storm.

The lifeguards at Poland Swim Club are cleaning up as well Friday, after a pine tree crashed into the pool Thursday during a birthday party at the club with 50 people in attendance.

Another close call was on route 46 in Canfield. Two pine trees crashed across the driveway of this home.

“I’d stopped at Walmart before coming home. If I had not stopped, I would have been coming in the driveway when it fell,” Junette Bennett of Canfield said.

She and her husband just had a new roof put on their home.

“We probably should have waited two weeks before we had it done,” Bennett said.

Ed Kalaher of Canfield said it was a strange wind indeed that skipped over his home, came through his yard and took down 11 oak trees.

“Hail started coming down, then I saw it was getting really white, and then I saw the rain coming so hard. Then I saw them starting to go in circles,” Kalaher said.

Then, the storm got even stronger.

“Couldn’t see anything it was raining so hard, then I heard, ‘Thud, crack, crack, thud, crack,'” Kalaher said.

But, what many people are finding out Friday, is that insurance may not cover the damage.

“If a tree falls, and causes damage to the house itself, we are going to pay to have that tree removed from the house,” insurance agent Ray Fallen said. “If it falls in the yard, that is considered to be a maintenance issue.”

Fallen recommends calling your insurance agent and going over your coverage before there is an issue.

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