Police arrest 10, suspected of running Youngstown drug ring

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Friday was a busy day for local police and federal agents breaking up what authorities said was a gang of drug dealers operating on Youngstown’s east side.

A grand jury secretly indicted ten men Thursday on drug and weapons charges.

The investigation began about eighteen months ago, after residents in the Lincoln Knolls area started complaining about drug activity in their neighborhood.

Investigators said that between the various task force units working in the Valley, along with other law enforcement agencies, those breaking the law will eventually get caught.

“If they’re able to identify these groups, which I don’t want to say its easy to do, but if you have this many eyes out there, it’s definitely something that’s going to happen a lot more now than it did in the past,” Mahoning County Assistant Prosecutor Marty Desmond said.

As of Friday afternoon, only one of the ten indicted men has not been arrested, that being Ricky Fleeton of Youngstown. Police continue looking for him.

Prosecutors said that the men in custody should be appearing in court on Tuesday.

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