Poland residents say water problem is public safety concern

Canterbury Place

POLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – The water woes for some homeowners in Poland Township are reaching an all-time high.

Wednesday, they took their concerns to Mahoning County Commissioners.

Jack Walters lives in Canterbury Place and says he’s been hit with flooding three times in the last two months.

Walters says flooding has been an issue in the development for the last ten years.

Township government is well aware of the issue and is trying to help the homeowners and is talking with engineers about the problem.

“Some said you need to make the pipes bigger going out. The pipes maybe weren’t big enough. There should be a catch basin upstream, I don’t really know the answer,” said Poland Township Trustee Eric Ungaro. “No one has actually given us the silver bullet; we are just going to continue to keep trying.”

Walters said when the development was put in the system wasn’t meant to handle as much water as it is now.

“It was never set up to take water from other developments, and over the years this is what is happening. The water has slowly increased and keeps feeding into our development and our system is not adequate enough to handle it.” Walters said.

Walters and Ungaro agree the flooding issue is a major safety concern, especially if there’s an emergency in the development when the water is high because there is only one entrance and exit to the neighborhood.

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