Crews investigate suspicious package in McDonald

Crews investigate suspicious package in McDonald

MCDONALD, Ohio (WYTV) – McDonald police and fire and the Youngstown Bomb Squad investigated a suspicious package that was found near Woodland Park.

A passerby noticed a box on the ground about 8:30 p.m. Saturday near a stop sign in the area of Ohio Avenue and alerted police.

The Youngstown Bomb Squad was called to the scene, and crews examine the box with an x-ray device and the box was empty.

Robert DiMaiolo with the Youngstown Bomb Squad said emergency crews are on high alert this time year and you can never be too careful.

“It’s very important, especially during these times because you never know,” DiMaiolo said. “People are setting stuff everywhere, big cities, small cities; they don’t pick or choose their target.”

DiMaiolo said local safety forces did the right thing by contacting his unit.

The scene was cleared in about two hours.

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