Salem auctions off 6 years of old equipment

salem, ohio auction

SALEM, Ohio (WYTV) – A lot of us have basements, garages and closets full of stuff we don’t use anymore.

Today, the City of Salem storage got rid of six years worth of equipment it can’t use anymore at an auction. People placed their bids on old trucks, fax machines, even scaffolding.

And there was one popular auction item: Traffic lights.

The money made at the auction is going right back to the Salem city departments that auctioned off their equipment.

Today’s auction was a must-attend for some, a chance to add to special collections or spark another business opportunity.

Whether it was for one or five, the bids kept coming for all 123 traffic lights.

“I collect fire trucks. I got seven fire trucks,” said Don Zalewski of Cleveland. “We do restoration of antique fire trucks and apparatus and these lights will fit in the fire stations, etc.”

Dan Forkel got a traffic light and cross walk sign.

“They’re for my son and my granddaughter. He has a go-kart track in the backyard and they do traffic signs,” Forkel said. “Things like that just to make it more enjoyable for her.”

Scaffolding from the old TanFastic building, trucks and other equipment also up for auction. Everything was piling up in storage for the city, and it had to go for one big reason.

“Main reason is our overpass is being replaced and we had storage underneath both (sides) that had to be, that we just kept these things in, and we need to get rid of it,” Salem Public Service and Safety Director Ken Kenst said.

Auctioning off all the equipment, you might say that was the easy part. Loading it all up is a different story.

Money from Wednesday’s auction goes right back to the departments it came from, except for the scaffolding from TanFastic, which will go back into the community event fund.

Happy with their deals– shoppers head home– some plan on using what they bought– others are going to sell it.

This is the second time Salem has held an auction of surplus equipment. It had one in 2009.

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