Columbiana fabricating plant would require annexation

Fairfield Township meeting

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WYTV) – Representatives of AMP Corp. met with Fairfield Township Trustees for the first time Thursday night to discuss a proposed $100 million metal fabricating plant.

And company officials want decisions now so they can break ground this summer. It is not a done deal yet, but now trustees know exactly what needs to happen to make the site shovel-ready.

The plan would involve the city of Columbiana annexing 89 acres of land on Cherry Fork Road from the township, which would still get the tax money. The business would pay out $7 million a year to 120 employees at $58,000 annually, with most of them hired locally.

“This is the preferred site. The strongly preferred site. There are other sites that have been considered and remain in consideration, but this one if it is available, if it is able to be developed in a time frame that we need, then this will be the site,” Dennis McAndrew of AMP Corp. said.

The facility would make metal products for other industries like aerospace, medical and power generation. The next step is a meeting Tuesday in Columbiana to talk about the annexation, zoning and utility issues at the site.

There is a meeting Tuesday in Columbiana City Council chambers to talk about finalizing annexation and discuss zoning, utilities and other issues. The property would need rezoned from agricultural to industrial and there are no utilities there, so it would need water, electricity and gas. Annexation would allow city utilities to be extended.

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