Waterfire Sharon opens to heat and humidity

Waterfire Sharon opens to heat and humidity

SHARON, Pa. (WYTV) – It’s called Waterfire Sharon and that name couldn’t be more appropriate than this weekend when temperatures and humidity are at some of the highest levels all season.

Saturday’s sweltering heat and humidity not only affected how many people came out to events like the Waterfire festival, but also impacts how much money businesses make.

“This is bigger and bigger every year, so sales are better every year,” said Nick Fatimus, Sharon business owner.

It was a sizzling start for Waterfire Sharon with hazy, hot and humid weather. Business owners say those three H’s have a direct impact on how many people come to the event and how long they stay.

“I think people are waiting until the sun goes down a little bit then come out tonight to see the events,” Fatimus said.

Emergency medical technicians are also part of the crowd at Waterfire – reminding everyone to drink lots of water and take a break from the sun in the shade.

“If you start getting a headache, that is one of the symptoms of dehydration. If you start to sweat profusely, if you stop sweating, that is a big sign of heat exhaustion,” said Brian Rodemoyer. “You definitely want to get some fluids in you. Get out of the sun and try to get cooled down as soon as possible.”

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