Residents applaud Lake Milton sound walls

Lake Milton sound barriers

LAKE MILTON, Ohio (WYTV) – Tom Keller and Paul Wolf have been neighbors for more than 15 years, but this is the first time things near their homes at Lake Milton have sounded like this.

“So much quieter,” Wolf said.

Sound barriers along Interstate 76 at Lake Milton recently went up. After years of tests, the Ohio Department of Transportation approved 1.5 miles of sound barriers in 2013. The project cost approximately $2 million.

“A lot of people out here wrote letters,” Wolf said.

One of those letter writers was Keller’s mother-in-law, Carol Crittenden. She died before residents knew the walls would be built.

“Feverishly she wrote a letter every month to the state of Ohio for 20-some years asking for wall barriers,” Keller said.

He said she may have not been the reason the walls went up, but she played a part in it. Keller was at work when the wall went up outside his house. But, his wife was home and she sent him a text.

“Her quote was ‘my mom would be happy’,” he said.

A lot of people living at Lake Milton are happy too. There are a few places where sound still gets through, mostly at a crossroad or at the bridge over the lake.

But, as tens of thousands of vehicles passed by, Wolf said it sounded like he was standing in the middle of the interstate before the walls went up.

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