Park supporters gather at Mill Creek Park

Park supporters gather at Mill Creek Park

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – About a dozen people gathered at Mill Creek Park Saturday demanding total transparency after the water issues at the park’s lakes.

Speeches were given from several people including members of the Save the Wildlife at Mill Creek Park.

The lakes are currently closed because of high levels of E. Coli. The group expects the park’s board to take its role of preserving the park seriously by working with the city and upgrading the sewer system.

“We do not hold the Mill Creek board administration accountable for this. This is not their fault, and we do not fault them,” said Gina Centofanti, organizer. “But we do plea with them to come up with a better solution and protect the resources of our park – be better caretakers.”

Environmental Protection Agency officials suggest removing the dams and lakes from Mill Creek Park.

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