Girl who had liver transplant moved to rehab facility

Jamie is recovering after her liver transplant

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (WYTV) – Her name is Jamie and she had a liver transplant.

First News has kept viewers updated on her progress. She has dealt with way too many ups and downs, but she powers through them and her smile keeps getting bigger.

Dr. Rachna Kapoor of the Children’s Institute said Jamie, 4, is doing better than she expected. She gets three hours of occupational and physical therapy every day.

“She is undergoing rehab as well as intense feeding therapy designed to help her eat more and better. She has a feeding tube to help supplement her nutrition. The goal is to get that out,” Dr. Kapoor said.

Jamie was released from the hospital on July 22 and transferred to the Children’s Institute, which is a hospital setting more about rehabilitation. She will be there for four to six weeks. After that, she will go home and have follow-up medical care.

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