Communities come together to celebrate new bridge

Olive Street Bridge opens for the first time in 6 years

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) — After six years of an extended drive between two Trumbull County communities — drivers are now able to take a shorter route. Thanks to a brand new bridge between Niles and McDonald.

The new Olive Street bridge cost millions of dollars to complete.
The ceremony this morning brought two communities together to celebrate a new start of an old connection.

There was live music and lots of fun to celebrate the opening of Olive Street Bridge, connecting Niles and McDonald.

“It looks beautiful so it’s well worth the wait. We’re glad in this village we have it open now,” said Marlene Dikun, of McDonald.

The ribbon cutting ceremony brought out hundreds of people.
The $5 million dollars it took to complete the project came from state and federal grants — but local businesses near the bridge route see this as a way to bring in more customers.

“We’ve had some communication with different businesses in the area and they were very excited that it’s going to be back open today to traffic,”said Randy Smith, Trumbull County engineer.

For the six years the bridge was shut down, drivers had to take a detour that added 10 minutes to their commute.

“It’s great for our village here. Our drive is going to be pretty much cut in half to get to the businesses in Niles and our businesses we have in Niles too,” said Niles Mayor Ralph Infante.

Both, mayors from Niles and McDonald are happy about the reconnection between their communities.

“This was a cut-through to go to each and everyone’s community, especially McDonald. This was the only way through McDonald from Niles, so it helps the community,” said Glenn Holmes, McDonald mayor.

In addition to Niles and McDonald, Girard and Weathersfield township also surround Olive Street bridge and will see an impact on traffic that hasn’t been seen since 2009.

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