Southington water project too pricey for some, worth it for others

southington, ohio sewer project

SOUTHINGTON, Ohio (WYTV) – It’s been in the works for decades: A project aimed at bringing water to Warren, Champion, and Southington Townships.

“This is 2015. You should be able to drink your water,” Southington Board of Trustees Chairman Sam Plott said. “You should be able to take a bath and wash your clothes without worrying about what the stains are going to be like.”

If phase one does move forward, those living in the path of the project would have to pay about $34 for every foot of width on their property just to be a part of the project. Not everyone in that area is happy about the cost, but they declined to speak to WKBN on camera.

That cost doesn’t include an additional $1500 if you chose to connect to the system, and a monthly water bill.

And for folks who don’t need water but are along the route, it’s a big price tag for something they won’t use.

Marlene Russomanno lives in the area included in phase one and said that her cost is estimated at $8500 just to cover the width of her property.

But she’s on board with the project.

“If you offset the cost of what your insurance is, because we have no hydrants, what you pay for rust out and the salt and the Malibu treatments on blond hair, then, you know, eventually it all kind of…comes out in the wash” Russomanno said.

A public hearing to decide whether or not to move forward is scheduled for this Thursday at Southington Local Schools starting at 7 p.m.

“Over a long period of time, it’s going to work out in your favor, not to mention the fact that it’ll enhance the value of your property if and when you ever go to sell it,” Southington Water District Board of Trustees Chairman Skip Hanes said.

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