Truck driver training incorporates safety lessons

Truck driver safety training

LAKE MILTON, Ohio (WYTV) – Operators of a local truck driving school said the best piece of safety equipment is a well-trained man or woman behind the wheel.

Those running the TDDS Technical Institute in Lake Milton said they begin their different classes by focusing on defensive driving techniques and then reinforce that throughout the rest of the program. But instructors believe some trucking companies could do a better job of continuing to educate drivers long after the have graduated from schools like this.

“I don’t know. I can’t say absolute, but I am pretty sure that money has tightened things up and people, the companies have backed off in the safety training. Drivers constantly need to be reminded as to what to do, what they shouldn’t do,” Larry Braham of TDDS Technical Institute said. “The best safety equipment you got in your equipment is your driver. If you keep him trained, and keep him up to date on what is going on, that is the best safety equipment you can have.”

There were two serious crashes late last week on local freeways involving tractor trailers, including one on Thursday on Interstate 76 near Lake Milton and the other on the Ohio Turnpike in Austintown on Friday.

The wrecks left two people dead and several more hurt.

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