Trumbull County Jail website upgraded

New Trumbull County Sheriffs Office website

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Trumbull County Sheriff Thomas Altiere announced a new feature on the department’s website.

Now the public is able to not only search current inmates at the facility on High Street, but also anyone who has ever been booked in the county jail as well as who arrested them and what they were charged with.

The feature has been live for two weeks, but they were still working out a few kinks. It is the first of three phases aimed at making their records even more open to the public.

Altiere said Trumbull County is the first in the state to have an archive of both past and present inmates searchable in an online database, and possibly the first in the country too.

“We have always been on the forefront of transparency when somebody wants something, we get it to them as soon as possible. But this makes it that much more quickly,” Altiere said.

It didn’t cost the department anything to launch this new feature. The new feature works with a database called the Integrated Justice Information System that was paid for through a grant they received in 2004.

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