School days: Youngstown, others start Monday

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Many school districts in the area will be swinging their doors open to students on Monday. That includes the Youngstown City School District.

But the future of the district may be as much about what happens in a courtroom than the education in the classroom. The Board of Education is suing the state over legislation that leads to the appointment of a CEO for the system. That CEO would oversee an academic distress commission.

Board President Brenda Kimble says the pending law violates the state and federal constitution. She says, “Citizens are promised a public education. I mean it’s part of the Ohio constitution. And to take that away, at a moments notice, without any input from any elected official, not just the board members but any elected official, any parent, any community person is just, it’s outrageous”.

The board is asking for an injunction to keep the law from taking effect in October.. Kimble says the school district is doing what it can to provide the best education for children.



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