Steel Valley Project gives more than notebooks, pens and pencils

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – You’re right, there are a lot of back to school charity events. But here’s one that’s definitely unique.

The group Steel Valley Project organized by Boston Walker and Ryan Jones pumped some gasoline along with the notebooks, pens and pencils. At the Shell station in the 3200-block of Market Street in Youngstown Sunday afternoon, they put $15 worth of gas in 52 cars.

Walker says they’re doing it because it was tough for him growing up. “Being that I’m at this age where I can do something about it, I want to show the community that there is hope here and there is people here to stand up”, says Walker.

Recipients of the free gasoline were happy. Letisha Banks said, “I think this is very nice what they’re doing for the kids because a lot of parents out here don’t have and this is a blessing for a lot of people out here today and I thank you for them helping.”

The Steel Valley Project plans on having more community events this year.


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