In Hermitage, couple cons woman, takes purse

Hermitage Walmart

HERMITAGE, Pennsylvania (WYTV) – Finding new ways to steal your money and credit cards. Hermitage police are looking for a couple that pulled a con game on a city woman.

The woman was shopping at the Hermitage Walmart when a man approached her asking for help. As she turned around, a woman switched out her purse for an empty one that looked the same. City police have two surveillance images of the con artists.

The woman’s daughter Laura says the credit cards have been used. They’ve cancelled the cards. “She’s very good about keeping her eye on the purse”, says Laura. “For it to happen to her, it can happen to anybody.”

As for precautions to take, Sharon Police Chief Gerald Smith says women should never leave their purse in a shopping cart and men should always button their back pocket to protect their wallet. “You turn around for two seconds and the purse is in the compartment of the cart and it just takes a second for someone to take it.”

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