Had an unexpected license suspension in Mahoning Co.? Here’s why

New Ohio license

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A warning tonight for those with unpaid traffic tickets in Mahoning County: WKBN has learned that your license could be suspended.

That’s because the Mahoning County clerk of courts is starting to catch up with those who owe past fines.

Ashley Davidson received a letter suspending her license and registration Friday. It stated she owed $25 to the BMV to reinstate her license. She called the Austintown court to find out why, and learned she also owed a $15 court fee in addition to a fine from eight years ago.

But why is this happening now? WYTV spoke with Mahoning County Clerk of Courts Anthony Vivo to find out.

“We thought it was a good time and the judges agreed to find these people with unpaid fines and violations,” Vivo said.

Vivo also said he’s hired new staff members recently who have helped catch up much of the paperwork.

Davidson said that in addition to the fine, she also learned that she owed a fee to the court and to the BMV, totaling $40.

If anyone believes they’ve paid the fine, they’ll be required to show proof.

While the situation may be frustrating for those receiving this news, Vivo said that collecting the past due money is, “what we’re paid to do and expected to do as public servants.”

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