Sharon High School brings back resource officer

Sharon school officer Steve Ray

SHARON, Pennsylvania (WYTV) – There’s something new at Sharon High School this year. Actually, someONE.

Sergeant Steve Ray is the new school resource officer for the school. There hasn’t been a police officer in the school since 2007. Getting a full time officer back in the school has been a goal of the principal and Sharon’s police chief.

“Beneficial not only to us but to the students to have somebody they can trust and go up and talk to about problems they might have,” says police chief Gerald Smith.

Sergeant Ray has 25 years with the department. But he says he originally wanted to be a teacher. So what are his goals for what seems to be a perfect job? “Get to know the kids on a personal level, get to know them by name, they know me by name,” says Sergeant Ray. “My goal here isn’t to see how many kids I can arrest or cite or take juvenile court, the goal here is to prevent that from happening.”

Principal Mike Fitzgerald thinks it’s going to work out well. “He’s a new face so it’ll take some time for them to get comfortable to go talk to him but I think over time we’ll be able to build that development and that relationship.”

The school and the police department see this as a way to strengthen the relationship between police and the community in sharon. Sharon’s police chief says funding for the school resource officer comes from the city’s and school district’s budgets.

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