Warren parents say they weren’t notified of threat situation

Warren Harding

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Warren city schools evacuated all students Tuesday after a non-specific bomb threat was made to the district. Parents were notified by Drund, a Facebook-like network used by the schools to communicate with parents. Robocalls were also made.

Still, some parents say they received no notification. “I was at the mall with my other child and we were having a lunch date while my daughter was in school'” says parent Angel Collins. “I was checking Facebook and I saw ‘bomb threat, schools are being dismissed.’ I haven’t gotten a phone call. I tried calling the school and you can’t get through to the school, so I thought I’m just going to get my kid.”

Parents could pick up their children from school. If not, students were taken home by bus. Students in grades K-8 were not dropped off if there wasn’t a parent or guardian at the bus stop.

Warren City Schools Director of Business Operations Michael Wasser says the system will work better as the school year goes along. “In an emergency situation there are going to be pluses and minuses,” says Wasser. “To the parents, I personally apologize if they weren’t notified, but I know that Mr. Chiaro made his calls and made his Drund calls.”

Parents who did not receive an automated call are to contact their child’s school to make sure their emergency form is filled out correctly.

“Our most important is the safety of our students and everyone was home safe last night. To me, that’s pretty important,” says Wasser.

The district has 3 practice evacuation drills a year.

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