Ted Strickland campaigns at Canfield Fair

Ted Strickland campaigns at Canfield Fair

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – The Canfield Fair is a great place for those running for political office to meet the people.

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland made it to the fair on Saturday. He’s running in 2016 to be the Democratic nominee to run in the U.S. Senate race. The seat is held by Rob Portman.

“I don’t think Senator Portman is a good fit for Ohio,” says Strickland. He’s a good fit for Washington and Wall Street.”

WKBN reached out to Rob Portman’s office in DC and several offices and staffers across Ohio, but could not reach anyone for comment.

Strickland has visited the fair several times in past years. “It’s great to be here at the Canfield Fair,” says Strickland. “It’s perhaps the greatest local fair in the state of Ohio.”

The 74-year-old Democrat says he’s all about fighting for working class families in Ohio. “This is the weekend when we celebrate working folks. Ordinary folks who work for a living. What’s happened in America over the last 30 years, is working folks haven’t gotten a fair deal.”

Strickland wasn’t totally negative on Republican Governor John Kasich, who’s in the Republican presidential field. “I certainly don’t support Governor Kasich for President, but when you look at Kasich and you compare him to many of the others that are running as Republicans, I think he stacks up pretty well.”

Strickland is not yet sure how he feels about Issue 3, the marijuana reform bill. “The way it’s written, it would establish basically a monopoly, so that a few people, large investors, would be able to get very very rich.”

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