Week 2 Plays of the Week

YOUNGSTOWN, OH (WYTV)-Our first stop takes us to Lisbon for number 5, Mineral Ridge gets the pass complete but Seth Stokes is coming in hot. A huge hit on the receiver which is good to crack the number 5 spot in our Plays of the Week.

Number 4 takes us to Cleveland as Warren Harding took on Cleveland Heights, quarterback Lynn Bowden rolls to his left, avoids a sack, then fires on the sideline and finds Dekota Shelton, drags both feet, incredible catch, more from the Raiders a little later.

Number 3 sends us to LaBrae as the Vikings’ Colton Brown is rolling, looking and firing deep downfield and finds TJ Wolke who juggles then reels it in for the big gainer for the first down, and the number 3 spot in our Plays of the Week.

We go to East Palestine for number 2, Parker Sherry rolls to his left, fires, ball gets tipped not once, not twice, but three times before finally being brought in by Wellsville’s Hayden Jackson for the interception. Take another look in slow-motion, ball just bounces around like a pinball before Jackson can bring it down for the turnover and number 2 spot in our plays of the week.

For number 1 we go back to Cleveland with Warren Harding. Lynn Bowden in the top spot once again, goes to his left, nope, now to the right, nothing there either, dodges a few tackles, keeps the play alive and finally finds Keemari Murry for the score. All this on fourth down! What a play by Bowden and Murry to finish it off, Harding got the win Friday, and now get the top spot in our plays of the week for Week 2 of the high school football season.

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