People caught speeding to receive citations in mail this week

Speeding tickets Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – People caught speeding in Youngstown will start to receive citations in the mail the week of September 7.

New laser traffic cameras used by police officers caught close to 1,800 drivers since August. The cameras capture license plate information which is then sent to a company called Opto-Traffic. Minimum fines will be $100, but those cited for higher speeds will pay more. However, no points will be given.

The city and Opto-Traffic will split revenues from those citations 65-35.

Youngstown Police Chief Robin Leese says the citations should not come as a surprise and the cameras are focused on two areas in and around I-680 as well as certain school zones.

“We’re identifying the areas we’re using this in by the number of accidents and the hazards. So the two areas that we typically have the most accidents along the freeway is the interchanges near the downtown and the 711 connector area out on the west side,” Chief Lees said.

Lees said the goal is to encourage drivers to reduce speed, cut down on the number of accidents and allow officers to spend more time on patrol.

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