Two Ohio lawmakers trying to prevent sewage in lakes

Sherrod Brown sewage infrastructure

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – As workers at Mill Creek Park continue to test for signs of bacterial contamination in the lakes, two lawmakers are working on plans to come up with money to prevent sewage from getting into the system in the future.

Using the park’s Lake Glacier as a backdrop, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown announced plans Tuesday morning to reintroduce a bill in Washington to help pay for repairs on infrastructure such as Youngstown’s deteriorating sewer system.

Senator Brown said he first tried getting the measure through Congress five years ago but failed to do so and added there are no guarantees for the current attempt.

“I’m not confident we can. I’m hopeful we can. I see some glimmers of hope that weren’t there five years ago with people understanding more and more members of congress because they’re seeing things like this,” said Senator Brown.

State Senator Joe Schiavoni is working on a separate plan in Columbus that would ask voters statewide to approve a bond fund to pay for improvement projects.

Schiavoni said if the General Assembly passes the measure in the fall, the issue could go on the ballot in the spring.

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